Earth Room / Room Bembul

Our room for nursery age children

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Our two nursery rooms (for 0 to 2 year olds) are Earth Room with 12 children and Room Bembul with 16 children.

The rooms are divided into indoor and outdoor experiences, cognitive, sensory, relaxation and construction areas, which are set up to cater for each individual child’s needs.

We have separate cot rooms, nappy change areas, a bathing facility, large playrooms (with an abundance of natural light) and separate outdoor playgrounds, which are predominately under sun-safe cover.

Our outdoor play areas have a soft, protective underlay, providing a safe playing environment.

What is 'Bembul'?

'Bembul' means 'Earth' in the local aboriginal dialect. Members of the local aboriginal community assisted us in keeping our theme of 'Earth' for our infants.

The educators in the Earth & Bembul Rooms are highly experienced and dedicated to providing a fun and engaging environment that aims to cover all areas of your child’s development.

Children in our care are regularly observed and these observations are uploaded onto our app, KinderM8, for parents to keep up to date of their child’s day, this helps to assist our staff with setting learning and development objectives for each child. These objectives are incorporated into our program to assist your child in reaching their developmental milestones.


Adjustable high chairs

Adjustable high chairs for non-mobile children for meal times as well as being part of group time experiences.


Toilet training and bathing facilities are provided in all rooms

Climate control

Reverse cycle air-conditioning in both the cot and playrooms.

Home cooked food

Home cooked meals throughout the day also all nappies and bed linen provided, all you need to bring is a change of clothes!

Our learning programmes

We have a well developed set of learning resources utilising a variety of accredited government and independent programmes.

Did you know?

According to a study of 6-month-old infants it was found that babies listen by moving their mouths. Psychologists and audiologists found that when a pacifier prevented babies from moving their tongues, they were not able to distinguish between two novel 'd' sounds.

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