Forest Room / Temora Room

Our room for preschool aged children

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Our two preschool rooms, Forest Room and Room Temora, each hold 16 children allowing our educators to get to know your child on a more personal basis.

The preschool rooms routines have been designed to prepare the children for the next step in their journey, Kindergarten.

We have divided the rooms to allow the children to have fun, explore and experience different environments ranging from construction to drama, art and crafts to home corner and of course, science and mathematics.

We also have specifically designated areas that encourage personal reading and relaxation time.

What is 'Temora'?

'Temora' means 'tree' in the local aboriginal dialect. Members of the local aboriginal community assisted us in keeping as close to our theme of 'Forest' for our preschoolers.

We have three school preparation programs and also literacy and numeracy programs that are delivered via the classroom, we also have a homework program to help introduce children to a more realistic school based learning structure.

These programs incorporate many types of experiences to assist our children with their transition to Kindergarten. These programs begin with your child’s first day in the preschool room and continue throughout the educational year helping to assist in the final transition to big school.

Our focus is on the children becoming confident learners. Confidence in learning helps to set a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

All our programmes are delivered in alignment with the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.


Outdoor play

A large outdoor area to encourage children to explore and develop their fine motor skills with separate times from the toddlers

Interactive learning

Rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and iPads to extend children’s learning as well as preparing them for the electronic equipment used in modern classrooms.

Our learning programmes

We have a well developed set of learning resources utilising a variety of accredited government and independent programmes.

Did you know?

In case you didn't know already 😉 preschoolers aren't yet capable of logical thinking. Instead they think very literally, meaning they can't grasp abstract concepts, and egocentrically, meaning they can't imagine anyone's perspective but their own, says Wendy Ludlow, a licensed clinical social worker and child and family therapist who runs Therapy With a Twist, a counseling and therapy service in New York.

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