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 A purpose built childcare in Bexley for 0-6 year olds where new discoveries are made each day


Bathed in natural light, our two nursery rooms, Earth Room and Room Bembul house 12 and 16 children (0-2 year olds) respectively. Complete with separate cot rooms, nappy change areas, bathing facilities and large playrooms, our youngest guests have their every need accounted for.


Our two toddler rooms (for 2-3 year olds) are Water Room and Room Badu with each holding 15 children Both are naturally lit with ample space to explore and learn through allowing our educators to get to know your child on a more personal basis.


With interactive whiteboards and ipads, our preschool members have everything at their disposal to expand their learning abilities and become familiar with the electronic equipment used in modern classroom. At a capacity of 16 children each, Forest Room and Room Temora house our largest collective number of children.

One of the rare family-run Childcare centres in Bexley, we’re proudly family owned & operated

Since 2009 we’ve been the first choice for Childcare in Bexley, operating out of our 6 classroom purpose-built facility for up to 91 children at a time. You’ll find all the hallmarks of a professional childcare centre, with a warm, welcoming and energetic atmosphere that only a family run business can offer.


We assess each child individually to ensure we can offer the right support, and deliver the highest level of childcare in Bexley. We pride ourselves as being pillars of the Bexley community, providing childcare that takes an inclusive, wholesome and fun approach to education.


Our curriculum is based on National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework – and a generous dose of fun activities designed to stimulate and make each day unforgettable. At Turtletot childcare in Bexley, we understand the huge learning potential of the first five years of a child’s life-that’s why we offer an engaging learning structure that appeals to their natural curiosity and limitless imagination.


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A purpose built child care centre in Bexley designed for learning and fun

Beautiful spaces

Purpose built rooms with lots of natural lighting provide a fantastic environment for children to play and learn.

Specialised equipment

All our equipment has been designed to encourage a fun learning experience focussed on meeting developmental milestones.

Video intercom

A video intercom system has been installed in all the rooms to facilitate easy assistance and communications between our educators.

SunSmart accredited

We are a SunSmart accredited centre and each of our rooms have access to outdoor shaded soft play areas and sandpits.

Nappies & meals provided

We take care of everything from nappies to bed linen to food. We take pride in serving home-cooked meals and work hard to accommodate any dietary requirements your child may have.

Interactive Learning

Preschool rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and iPads to extend the children’s learning as well as prepare them for the electronic equipment used in modern classroom.

What our parents say

Our Professional Educators are fun, devoted and caring at our Bexley child care centre

We only welcome the most devoted, professional educators to join our team, with proven track records of providing exemplary/ high standards of care. All staff attend external training seminars to ensure our team is always equipped with the latest in current information, practises and materials to guarantee your child receives the highest quality of childcare and education in Bexley.
You’ll receive half and yearly in-depth reports to keep you informed of your child’s progress throughout the year, in conjunction with parent/teacher meetings and our KinderM8 mobile app. To hear more about the big leaps your little ones are making, our educators will be more than happy to meet with you.

Combined years of early childhood experience


Full time childcare staff


Specially designed rooms

We keep in touch with parents all day!

Kinder M8

Turtletot uses the KinderM8 app to keep parents in touch with everything that happens in their child’s day during their stay with us. Our observations, follow ups, learning story, news feed, meal times and meal consumptions, sleep times, nappy changes as well as regular updates, newsletters and events.

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Spaces at our centre are limited, enrol now!

Spaces at our centre are limited, enrol now!