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July 3 2023

Early Childhood and our Older Generations

This year there has been much discussion about the importance of children in their early years spending time with their grandparents and the older generations generally.

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May 22 2023
Our Fluffy Companions for Life

This month’s blog is a little different,  it is a link to an article recently written and published in the University of Sydney’s Honi Soit weekly news paper by our very own Zeina Khochaiche

April 11 2023
The evolution of the “Time Out”  to a “Time In”

While timeouts have been used in the past for handling children's behaviour, how effective was it ? lets however explore the 'time in'

January 6 2023
The joy of old school games for early childhood!

With the rapid growth of technology nowadays, it is increasingly harder for traditional children’s games to compete against all the fancy apps..

October 24 2022
Toddlers using their senses to make meaning

Children are hands-on learners and they learn by exploring and manipulating objects in their environment.. lets learn more

August 30 2022
Fussy toddlers and eating vegies!

In this blog we talk about what fussy eating is and how it contributes to children's development.. click to learn more

July 28 2022
Teaching pre-schoolers to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle  – the three “R’s”

Teaching children at a young age about recycling and reusing brings enormous benefits ..read more

June 28 2022
Ideas for Incorporating Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood.

Children at this age may not yet be able to understand the history or why certain things and traditions are performed, but being respectful to our First Nation’s people and learning to acknowledge t

May 17 2022
There is no such thing as bad weather ….

Living in such an advanced world where technology is growing rapidly, research has revealed that children and adults are spending less time connected to nature. We have the tendency to look at the ‘

April 12 2022
Fun Easter Activities for your Children

It’s that time of the year where you might be trying to hide chocolates in your cupboard… which the children probably end up finding anyway. So in this blog let’s talk about how to have a health

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