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May 22 2023,

Our Fluffy Companions for Life

Early childhood theorists tell us the importance of the first 4 years of life and the impact it has on how we form secure attachments that can span a lifetime  ( Early Years Learning Framework - Outcome 1  )

Many of us have some form of early childhood memory of a furry friend that came with us everywhere or slept on our beds to keep us company. 

So this month’s blog is a little different,  it is a link to an article recently written and published in the University of Sydney’s Honi Soit weekly news paper by our very own Zeina Khochaiche (who is also an undergrad student at Sydney Uni).  It pays homage to ‘Bunny’ who still proudly co-shares Zeina’s room waiting patiently for her return each day. 

Fluffy Friends: The Untold Companions and Comforts of Childhood - Honi Soit

Zeina and the team at Turtletot hope you enjoy this article, and if you are like me and still have that faithfull fluffy friend - you are in really good company.

Much love and Cuddles from the Team at Turtletot Childcare in Bexley.

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