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April 23 2020,

3 ways you can help prepare your kids for ‘Big School’

Going to ‘big kid school’ is a big deal for your child. With less individualised supervision and instruction in a class of twenty five-year-olds, your child will need to build up the skills that will help them thrive in their new learning environment. If you’re looking for child care in Bexley that can help support your child and transform them into a life-long learner, Turtletot is the place to go.

What does my child need to succeed?

Here at Turtletot Childcare Bexley, we believe the focus for school readiness should be on minimising children’s anxiety and promoting their ability to manage change, rather than knowing the alphabet and reciting numbers. After all, a kindergarten teacher’s greatest concern isn’t whether their students can read and write; it’s whether they can pay attention, manage emotions, and interact positively with their peers in the classroom. This is where we come in. As educators, we incorporate critical developmental skills — emotional maturity and independence, social maturity, concentration, motor coordination, and language skills — into everyday play-based experiences based on your child’s interests.

What does my child learn at Turtletot Childcare Bexley?

We use The Early Years Learning Framework, developed by the Australian and state/territory governments, to give your child the best learning experience. We help foster a love of learning by treating every play experience — every book, song, game, conversation — as an experience for school prep, and develop vital skills such as:
  • Going to the toilet without assistance
  • Dressing themselves
  • Clear communication
  • Managing emotions
  • Following a structured class routine
  • Playing outside
Childcare activities in Bexley

What can we do at home?

There are four simple things you can do with your child while at home to help support their learning and transition.
  • Expect more of your child! Encourage them to try completing activities like dressing, eating or packing their school bags on their own.
  • Read with your child! A love of books can help your child foster a love of learning and encourage creativity; the sooner they start, the better.
  • Encourage your child to make friendships and schedule play dates to help them with their social interaction.
  • Practice colouring, cutting, drawing, beading and painting to build up your child’s fine motor skills.
Here are some other preschool activities. If you’re still uncertain about the best way to prep your child for kindergarten, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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