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June 28 2022,

Ideas for Incorporating Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood.

As early childhood educators and teachers, our aim and goal is to promote greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being. Children at this age may not yet be able to understand the history or why certain things and traditions are performed, but being respectful to our First Nation’s people and learning to acknowledge the differences between cultures are critical at this stage.

When we think of incorporating Aboriginal perspectives in our daily lives, there is a feeling of uncertainty and hesitance due to a lack of knowledge and experience therefore it’s definitely a sensitive topic to talk about. However, involving children in these practices does not have to be complex, it is all about how it is introduced and the meaning behind it. 

  1. Gratitude puzzle activity

Starting with acknowledgement of country, this is an important sign to show respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians. It is about saying ‘thank you’ and being grateful and appreciating what they have - the children at Turtletot in Bexley just love this part of their daily routine. Children can be invited to write or draw what they are grateful for on each of the gratitude puzzles. This allows children to reflect on their own lives and appreciate what’s around them.

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  1. Little J and Big Cuz (Youtube) 

Another way for children and families to enhance their understanding of Aboriginal culture is through stories and events. Little J and Big Cuz is an animated series that follows the everyday lives of two Aboriginal school children as they explore different themes such as Indigenous identity, connection to country as well as cultural practices.

Exposing children to appropriate content online, provides them endless learning opportunities as they explore, discover and engage in various ways. What’s great about these videos are the online resources such as games and questions provided at the end to stimulate children’s thinking as they try to look at the event from each character’s perspective. 

Embedding Aboriginal perspectives in children’s learning and lives is definitely not easy. The key is to start off with small and familiar practices that children can relate to. What is important for children is to become more aware of what is happening in their world as they make connections with different people and events around them. 

At Turtletot we combine the fundamental importance of respecting Australia's heritage with respecting all nations and all cultures. Not only do the children learn, but so too do the teaching staff who just love taking turns with the children at showcasing their backgrounds.

Courtesy of Alesha's Sister-in-Law

Much love and diversity from the team at Turtletot Childcare.

ps.. special thanks to Kitty for authoring this blog and to Alesha's sister-in-law for the amazing indigenous art painting that we have showcased.

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