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January 6 2023,

The joy of old school games for early childhood!

‘We did not have that when we were kids’ is something that parents will often say’

With the rapid growth of technology nowadays, it is increasingly harder for traditional children’s games to compete against all the fancy apps and programs where it provides more convenience and flexibility for the child’s learning.. however what do kids have the most fun doing?

While the children need to adapt to their current world, enjoyment can also be found outside where it does not require a gadget from the shop. Traditional games involve more physical activity, social skills, creativity, imagination and most of all it provides opportunities for making new friends.

Below are some popular old school games that you probably will recognise .. and the children at Turtletot Childcare in Bexley love them - especially the pre-school children..

  1. Hopscotch 

Sounds like a very simple game? It is, as well as comes with enormous health benefits for children’s body development. Children learn to control their bodies and learn to balance as they try to hop onto the squares. Also, numeracy skills are involved as children try to increase their confidence in counting the digits as well as recognising the numbers.

Image Courtesy of Google Images

  1. Elastics 

Another game that also helps children to build on their body control would be elastics. Spatial awareness, directions, balance  and knowing how their bodies move are all involved in this simple game. By practicing jumping and landing, bilateral movements and sequencing of motor skills are strengthened.  They also have to work as a team and trust each other!

Image Courtesy of Wordreference Forums

  1. Red light, green light 

The best thing about old school games is it normally does not require any additional resources or props. Red light, green light is a perfect example where children learn to listen to instructions and remain concentrated as they follow a series of instructions. It is also about teaching patience as they have to practice standing still.  

STOP                            SLOW                             GO

  1. Parachute game

Parachute games are great for children of all ages not just because of the vibrant colours, but also the open-ended play it provides where it can be literally used in so many different ways. This game teaches children about teamwork and cooperation as they try to keep the ball in the middle. 

We also hang one on the ceiling of our babies room out of reach and all the babies love the vibrant colours!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

  1. Telephone / Chinese whispers 

This game brings joy and laughter to the table as children add their own creativity and imagination to the story - it works a treat in the pre-school rooms. It also teaches children about focusing on what the other person is saying as the whole story can change if certain words are left out. It allows children to build on their social skills - this is heaps of fun for the preschoolers as they learn the value of listening carefully !

Image courtesy of Nguyen Phuc (Unsplash)

Which game was your favourite when you were at school? 

Ps.. the kids at Turtletot Childcare in Bexley love hopscotch!!!! 

Happy games from the team at Turtletot! 

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