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July 3 2023,

Early Childhood and our Older Generations

This year there has been much discussion about the importance of children in their early years spending time with their grandparents and the older generations generally. The benefits of this intergenerational synergy are not only for the children, but also the older generations who gain a sense of additional purpose and get to share the wisdom and love  of their years.

The theme for NAIDOC week this year (2023) is ‘For Our Elders’ which speaks beautifully to how generations can learn from each other.

We know the importance of Elders to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, they are an unconditional source of knowledge and wisdom and are deeply respected. 

The inspiration we gain from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community is the deep learning that comes naturally from their Elders and the respect that is given to them. This is such an important foundation for our children as they learn how to interact with all generations and build their human connections.

This theme connects many cultures and the older generations who play a major role in the raising of children and providing the love and attention that often assists parents in providing solid family foundations for their children as other life commitments happen around them. 

At Turtletot Childcare in Bexley we celebrate ‘Grandparents and Grandfriends Day’ where we invite the grandparents and grandfriends to come to the centre and share a morning tea with their grandchildren, reading stories and being a part of the morning play experiences. 

We also make time for when the Grandparents pick up or drop off their grandchildren. We strive to build positive and trusting relationships with them, getting to know them, and encourage the children to gain as much of a connection as possible with them. We also include our grandparent’s photos on our family wall as they play an important role in the children’s lives. We encourage grandparents to attend our centre and join in the program, whether it be reading a story, gardening or spending time with their grandchildren. 

Picture courtesy of Unsplash Nikoline Arns

We hope that this short blog reminds and inspires everyone  to embrace the connection of generations and nurture the beautiful bond that grows when the younger generations connect with the older generations. 

Much love and hugs from all at Turtletot


  • The Early Years Learning Framework
  • Principles- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives
  • Learning Outcome 2- Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • National Quality Standards QA 5 and QA6

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