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June 23 2020,

Try this nursery rhyme game for kids

Try this nursery rhyme game from Turtletot Childcare, Bexley

Description: Guess nursery rhymes with this easy to prepare recall game they'll want to play again and again!

This is a fun activity in which you and your little one guess nursery rhymes together. The cards are a great addition to any playroom and can be used in lots of different ways. Just follow the simple instructions below.

Prep time for parents: 10 - 30 minutes

Skills kids will learn: Memory and recall skills, concentration and listening practice.

What you need: Paper, cardboard (optional), a printer, glue (optional) and laminating machine (optional).

If you want to reuse your cards for future activities, then we recommend laminating all materials to prevent sticky fingers from causing too much damage. This guessing game is sure to be a favourite and they will want to play again and again!

nursery rhymes and reading books to kids


1. Print a range of images associated with well-known nursery rhymes in colour, such as a twinkling star, black sheep, wheels on a school bus and clapping children.

2. You can stick your paper prints onto cardboard to strengthen the cards. This is a good idea if you want to reuse the images for different games such as snap or other matching activities.

3. Alternatively, laminate your designs to keep them in tip-top condition. The plastic coating is easy to clean and will protect your cards from spills and accidents, temper tantrums and more!

4. Stand in front of your little one and hold the cards up, prompting them to guess which nursery rhyme the card relates to. For older kiddies, this game works well in a group as well. The player that guesses first takes the next turn to choose and hold a card.

Top tip: To add a creative element to the activity, you can print the images in black and white and then colour them in together before making the cards.

You can even play your child's favourite nursery rhymes in the background to give them a little reminder before the fun begins...

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