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July 7 2020,

Number 1 Cardboard box play activity for toddler

Imagination is essential in a child’s development. It’s what children are built to do. In a child’s mind, a rock isn’t just a rock—it’s a spaceship, a car, or even a person! You can engage your child’s imagination by encouraging pretend play. By sharing these activities with your child, you will inspire their social, emotional, and mental growth. Simple household objects, such as cardboard boxes, open up a world of play options for children. Prep time for parents: 1 minute or less!

Kids will be occupied for 1-2 hours

Skills kids will learn: • Creative thinking • Fine motor skills • Gross motor skills • Social skills • Emotional skills • Language skills What you need: • One or more cardboard boxes • Pens, pencils and paints (optional)

Instructions for parents:

Next time you receive a package in the mail, don’t throw away the box it came in! Cardboard boxes offer unlimited opportunities for children to explore, encourage creativity, and teach them the concept of reusing and recycling. Because a cardboard box is adaptable and straightforward—they can be cut, drawn on, ripped apart, or sat in—they can be used for a massive range of activities. The idea is to let your child’s imagination run wild and see what they come up with.

Here are some examples of activities your toddler will love:

• Peek-a-boo (crawling in and out of cardboard boxes) • Hide-and-seek • Obstacle course (use multiple cardboard boxes to climb on or crawl through) • Drawing on or in the cardboard boxes • Cardbox car (draw on wheels and doors and let your child race around!) Through participating in these activities, your toddler will develop their excellent motor skills as they decorate the box, their gross motor skills as they climb in and over the boxes, their creative skills as they come up with different ideas for using the box, and social skills as they communicate their thoughts with you. Looking for child care in Bexley? At Turtletot Childcare, we’ve seen children develop their skills and have fantastic fun participating in pretend play. To book an appointment and have a chat with our childcare experts, start a conversation today.

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