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July 14 2020,

Bored kids? Try this shirt folding board activity

Got kids stuck at home during the lockdown? Piles of laundry mounting up? Contain the chaos and teach them useful skills at the same time with this shirt folding board activity.

Try this trick from the team at Turtletot Childcare in Bexley

With this educational clothes folding activity, not only can you get some chores done but you can occupy the kids for hours on end! It's great to improve their cognitive skills, and super cheap as you don't need to buy any new toys. All you need is an old cardboard box and your just-washed laundry. Now, get to work little helpers, mummy needs to put her feet up. Top tip: To up the ante, if you have siblings of a similar age, you can turn it into a competition of who can fold the most laundry. A cheeky reward will also help keep them motivated.

Prep time for parents:

10 minutes max Kids will be occupied for: 1 hour, more if you offer rewards for the number of items folded! Skills kids will learn: Creative, cognitive and coordination skills. What you need: A clean, flattened cardboard box with each panel well-folded and a pile of clothes to sort!


1. Place a T-shirt or sweater face down in the centre of the board. This will work with shirts and blouses, too, but you want to keep it simple to start! Collars can be confusing when you're only small. 2. Fold one side panel over and back Demonstrate this first, and show them how to fold the panel and then place it back, leaving the side of the T-shirt folded over. 3. Fold the other side panel over and back Repeat this step and show them the same on the other side. 4. Fold the bottom centre panel up and back Demonstrate this final step to show them how to fold clothes perfectly. They'll be laundry experts in no time! That's it, simple! The perfect win-win activity for bored little ones and busy parents. How did you find the activity?  

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