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August 21 2020,

3 fun activities to do at home with the kids

During winter or being stuck at home it can be challenging to find different ways to stay warm and the kids occupied. Although cold weather makes you want to stay in bed and watch movies it isn’t the best idea to do that every day. It is important to keep our bodies active, even if it’s just for a section of the day.

1. Lets cook!

Some things you could do to keep busy is to have a day in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Kids love to cook so if you’ve got the kids at home, let them join in and turn these cooking lessons into a fun literacy and numeracy experience. You could cook or bake: - Homemade sweet or savoury pies. Meat pie, Chicken and vegetable pie, or maybe even an Apple pie or Berry pie for dessert. -Yummy chocolate chip cookies. They always taste the best fresh out of the oven. -Make a homemade hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) -Mix up a home made soup. Pumpkin soup or chicken vegetable soups are always a family favourite in my house.

2. What about a puzzle?

You can only cook for so long before it gets boring or you run out of recipes, so take a break from the kitchen and break out the puzzles. We all have that one cupboard that is full of board games, puzzles and colouring books that are used like once a year! Get the family together and have a game night, Monopoly and Uno are always risky games to play. Scrabble, trivial pursuit and Cluedo are always popular games as well. During Winter we do get some nice sunny days (although they are still a little cold), going for a nice scenic walk with your family and/or friends, or even having a picnic in the park is always a great way to get out of the house and keep active .

3. Lets build a fortress!

If you’ve got the kids at home, there are so many things you can still do with them too! You could build a fort in the lounge room. Use the lounge, blankets, pillows and chairs for maximum design opportunities and the kids will love it! Even let them sleep it in overnight if you are game. If positioned in the perfect spot you could face the TV and put a movie on, pop some popcorn, gather the chocolate and lollies and settle in for a few hours and relax. Some wind down time is always important for the body to rest, colouring, reading and painting are great ways to disconnect from social media and the ‘outside world’ have some 'you' time. At night time a bonfire in the backyard is always a great way to socialise and keep warm all in one. Have a BBQ or slow cooker/stew to enjoy around the fire. Toasting marshmallows on the fire is always good fun for both adults and kids, a small sweet treat to warm you up. Yum!

Recipes and activity ideas to try:

Chicken and vegetable soup: Quick & Easy Chicken & Vegetable Soup Recipe Pumpkin soup: (for some extra kick use some red curry powder) Pumpkin Soup Apple pie: Apple pie recipe Mixed berry pie: Mixed berry pie recipe Hot Chocolate


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