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September 4 2020,

7 reasons why you should send your child to pre-school

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turns out” Bill Gates Sr., Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mostly all the parents consider their child too young to learn any skill. They think that they can teach everything to their child at home or think that children only spend their time watching TV or singing rhymes if they send them to pre-schools. There are common misunderstandings about pre-schools due to which parents do not feel comfortable in sending their children to pre-school but these schools are a child’s second home that is going to plant seeds of social, intellectual, and emotional competence in their minds and hearts.

The question is, when do kids start pre-school? When it comes to children’s education, parent’s choices become very important. Kindergarten is considered as a new grade one, and academic rigor is rising. This shows it is becoming more significant for parents to put their children on a good developmental track earlier.

Child care Bexley is the perfect place where a child is not only able to read or write but also fall in LOVE with reading and writing. We are going to list down some of the facts that show the benefits of pre-school education.

1. Benefits of learning in the group:

We cannot provide the environment of the pre-school class at home. It is impossible to arrange a group gathering of same-age children regularly for a long time. Children learn many things through other children by observing them. They learn how to interact, they learn many skills by copying their friends' actions. Their social skills get improved in group learning, which raises their confidence level also. If they are going through speech delay, then learning in a group helps them in talking.

2. Children improve their eating habits in pre-school:

When a child is at home, a mother feeds them. And when a child is very choosy and fussy, then it becomes a challenge for a mother to feed her child. Developing eating habits is a challenging task for some mothers. But when these kids join their school, their eating habits get improved. When they are in school, they know they have to eat by themselves as they don’t have their mom with them. When they eat with their friends, it becomes a social activity; seeing other kids eating a variety of food encourages them to try new types of foods. Pre-school engages kids in activities that are tiring and exhausting; this gets them hungry and helps them enjoy their lunch.

3. Allows children to become responsible:

When children are in pre-school, they have to follow rules. They are asked to stand in a queue, put toys back in their place, put on their shoes, put their lunch boxes back at their places, and help their friends. By following simple rules, they learn how to be more responsible. Pre-school provides age-appropriate activities to make children learn how to become responsible. All such habits can be developed in pre-school in a short time through ground activities, lead by professionals.

4. Children learn decision making:

A child starts making decisions when they are provided with opportunities through activities and games to make decisions. Pre-school Bexley allows children to roam freely and indulge in activities such as gardening, playing at swings, or group games with friends. It helps in improving their decision-making skills, which further develops their confidence and their self-esteem. They also learn how to prioritize and make choices.

5. Learning activities:

Parents can build a lot of foundation for the kids when they are younger, but pre-school activities bring a whole new variety of activities that parents cant provide at home. It is almost impossible to engage a child with several activities solely at home. Even if parents can arrange those activities at home, its difficult to regularly have same-age children available for those activities. Pre-school group activities help build confidence and social skill s in kids, which is impossible to do at home.

A pre-school can provide several educational activities that parents cannot regularly arrange at home like singing and dancing in a group, painting activities, cooking, storytelling, recycling, gardening, etc.

6. Helps in developing children’s fine motor skills:

When children are provided with a bunch of healthy activities, they develop fine motor skills by pasting things on paper, zipping, unzipping, etc. Physical activities help kids in improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. As young kids are full of energy, pre-shool can help them channel their energy in physical activities. Activities like running, dancing, building blocks, cutting papers, and making simple recipes help develop excellent motor skills.

Bexley childcare is an ideal place where children are provided with such activities that will develop their hand-eye coordination. Parents cannot provide such activities at home, and by choosing a perfect pre-school program, parents can be confident that their children are developing their skills in a healthy environment.

7. Prepare the child for Kindergarten:

Pre-school provides healthy play-time for children, gets them involved in physical and mental activities, and familiarizes them with the classroom concept and sitting together. The well-trained staff knows how to make children learn all the basic concepts of maths and language playfully. Using the play-time very effectively, these pre-schools have activities planned around educational concepts, so your child is actually learning without even learning.

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