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April 12 2022,

Fun Easter Activities for your Children

Easter eggs! Chocolate bunnies! 

It’s that time of the year where you might be trying to hide chocolates in your cupboard… which the children probably end up finding anyway. So in this blog let’s talk about how to have a healthy and fun Easter this year. Don’t get me wrong, chocolates are a must! We just need to limit the amount children are having. 

Let’s begin with some healthy and creative dishes to eat! 


  1. (Image sourced from flexischools) 

Breakfast is not always exciting for children, but a bunny breakfast definitely will catch their attention! 

Encourage children to make their own bunny breakfast by giving them healthy food options like celery, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, sultanas.. . You will be surprised to see what they come up with! Any chef would love to see an empty plate at the end of each meal right?

(Ingredients used in picture: bananas, blueberries, cheese sticks) 

  1. Image sourced from Meaningful eats

What a creative way of making healthy desserts and treats! The boiled egg looks so much more appetising with just some simple touches. Replacing the dipping sauce with melted chocolate (darker the better) not only will fulfil your child’s craving but allows them to eat chocolate moderately. 


  • Making a Easter bunny with paper towel

Who would know that a piece of paper towel can be useful in so many other ways?

Image sourced from Youtube - DIY Easter Bunny

Watch this short video using the link above to make a bunny using a piece of paper towel. This is a great way to teach children about sustainability as they learn the concept of reuse and recycle. 

Don’t forget to also have an Easter egg hunt with your children and hopefully with these creative ideas and dishes, your chocolate in the cupboard won’t magically disappear! 

Wishing everybody a happy, fun, dry and healthy Easter! 

Much Easter love from the team at Turtletot

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